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Dazzle, Established in 2002, has become one of the leading manufacturers of quality concrete products. Our plants are located in Chennai, Irungattukottai, Nagpur, Bangalore and Hyderabad to cater the entire Nation. We have differentiated ourselves in the market by constantly updating our products range, improving quality and service to meet the needs of our customers. At Dazzle, we produce a wide range of Designer Concrete Tiles and Heavy Duty Premium Designer Concrete Pavers.

Our Semi automated manufacturing process is subject to strict quality control measures by in-house R & D to ensure high quality standards. Our products are also tested at a reputed laboratory endorsed with ISO-9001 certification.Dazzle products are manufactured using high quality White Cement for first layer and UV-Stabilized imported Colour Pigments.

As every Dazzle Tile is master crafted to give you a legendary experience and supreme quality that confirms to your own class of richness, introducing all new Geometric Series in Vivid Colours with its National Presence, you may feel Proud in Tiling with Dazzle Tiles.

Your Guess is Right, because Dazzle is known Nation-wide for its Determined Supreme Quality, Accomodating the Customer Satisfaction, remaining Zealous in its Pride of Matching with IS 1237 - 1980 standards, Unique Zone of supplying 50 designs with 21 colour shades, listing in the fashion of Lovable designs to your Choice of Selection with Elegant look in uplifting the image of your building forever.
  • Group incorporated in the year 1995
  • Promoted by professionals providing Tile Machinery Unit
  • "Powered By Quality" in all the areas of Manufacturing, Marketing and Service
  • Largest manufacturing capacity of 45 Lakhs sq.ft. per annum at Chennai
  • "Setting The Standards" for the Concrete Tile Industry
  • Testing of Products by repute Labs endorsed with ISO 9001 Certification
  • Exclusive Series of Floor Tiles, Wall Tiles, Stairways and Skirting Tiles
  • "The Technology Group" behind the Concrete Tile industry providing Turnkey projects to all major Concrete Tile Manufacturers
  • Empowering unlimited creative application possibilities to Architects, Designers and Builders
Our Products are competitive in pricing and results in consolidated savings to the customer.

Well-qualified and experienced Marketing and Technical team provides Quality and Service to customers.

Our packing methods is best in the industry 3 ply White boards and Layer pads with printed strapping rolls as foolproof method and Stickers to indicate colour and designs.

Transport Facility
Our manufacturing factory is located in the prime area of Ambattur Industrial Estate and is well connected by roads, rails, which facilitates easy transportation. The company has its own vehicles to provide door services to customers.

Application Areas
Our manufacturing factory is located in the prime area of Ambattur Industrial Estate and is well connected by roads, rails, which facilitates easy transportation. The company has its own vehicles to provide door services to customers.

Facades, Lobby walls, Landscape, Lounges, Pillars, Interior and Exterior wall cladding, Residences, Offices and Commercial Places.

Skirting & Stairways
Stairways of Step and Raising areas of Floors and Skirting area of walls.

Dazzle Tile Colours
White & Grey, Silver Grey, Black, Brown, Silver Grey & Dove Grey, Nut Brown, Saffron & Terracotta, Pink, Teracotta & Black, Light Pink & Dark Pink, Skin & Dark Beige, Sandal, Terracotta, Light Beige & Dark Beige, Orange, Light Yellow & Brown, Mid Green & Dark Green, Light Yellow & Dark Yellow, Light Yellow & Dark Green, Yellow and Green.
    Dazzle Tiles - Product
  • High quality White Cement
  • Rich Concrete Mix
  • UV stabilized imported pigments
  • As per IS 1237 - 1980 standards
  • Packed in high quality carton boxes
  • Exclusive Designs, Rich in Textures, Colors and Forms
  • All the tiles are Pre-Polished and ready to be laid
  • Available in 21 colour combinations
  • Tiles are artistic, aesthetic and superior in Quality
  • 50 exclusive designs of Floor, Wall and Step Tiles
  • Company has a network of dealers to cover the sale of our products throughout the country.
  • Company has Marketing team covering all major cities and towns in the country.
  • Company has reputed Architects and Builders to promote the product sales.
  • The Company participating in the Inside Outside Mega show, Conducted by Business India group at major places to create awareness for Dealers/ Builders/ Architects/ Institutions/ General Public, etc.
  • Company has won the Best Display Awards in the Exhibitions.
  • This apart, the Company is giving the monthly Advertisements in leading magazines like Inside Outside, A + D, Design Today, etc.
  • Company has also taken important traffic islands and displayed the tiles.
  • Company has provided glow-sign boards, display of all tiles for promoting the products.
  • Company provides detailed self-explanatory Catalogue with application for easy understanding of the customer.
Dazzle Designer Tiles Private Limited
69, Second Main Road, Industrial Estate, Ambattur, Chennai - 600058. INDIA
Tel : 044 - 26243718 / 26243114 / 26251909 / 26252172 / 42039061,  Mobile : 9841297876  
Customer Care No : 9841290667,  Whatsapp No :  9841290667,   Email : info@dazzletiles.com,  Website : www.dazzletiles.com
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